Playing Arts invited me to design the Six of Hearts for their Future Edition #playingartschallenge. The challenge required to create a card that represented each artist's vision of what the world would look in 100 years from now.

As a graphic designer and lettering artist the first concepts that come my mind regarding this card are balance, harmony and symmetry. The number six is an even number and when combined with the heart as the amount of elements in a composition it quickly draws a balanced structure. Formally, the 6 resembles the link of a chain, and that made me think of the idea that we are all linked within 6 degrees of separation, therefore, it's a number that we currently use to describe connection, but we do it on the basis of distance. March 2020 will always be remembered as the time where we all had to stay away from each other, but it has also made evident the desire we all have to stay together. I have been video conferencing with friends and family more than ever. Based on this experience, I envision a future where technology allows us to get together over any distance to collaborate, inspire and support each other. I envision a future where we are all united by six steps of connection.

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