I am a visual creator straddling the worlds of design and fine art, bringing inspiration from one into the other and constantly evolving as I absorb new media into my process.

I’m interested in exploring essential elements of the visual experience: color, form, space and texture through the beauty and expression of materials and their interaction with one another and with light. In addition to their intrinsic characteristics, using a digital tool allows me to achieve an edited version of their natural behavior creating expressive distortions.

Each artwork becomes a technologically hand made journey of discovery by modeling, layering, adjusting element attributes, positioning lights and defining points of view. In these sculptural scenes, objects interact to create visuals that don’t belong to either but to the combination of all of them. The image seen by the camera becomes a unique perception of a three dimensional set up. The digital space makes room for the element of surprise which enhances continuous learning and a sense of collaboration with the software.

It also generates various 2D artworks with different perspectives to emerge from the same 3D model, allowing the same piece to take on different personalities.
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