Los York commissioned me to create a piece depicting their name for their artists series.

My interpretation of Los York visually represents the idea of a city as a creative structure and as a dynamic entity that evolves and vibrates with the life that it contains.

The characters intertwine in an isometric escheresque contortion that speaks about the mythical qualities of this city - a city imagined by the creatives that inhabit it - limitless and where anything is possible, as long as it can be imagined.

The bold, warm and positively directed color bars make reference to the energy that drives creative minds, to always be envisioning what will com next.

Rationality and emotion are both present in this design - Rationality defined by the geometric characters, rationality that is present in the design process to distil concepts into ideas. Emotion represented by the dynamic colors and needed to endow any graphic solution with the voice to connect with the public.

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