Nike Fit Club Type Treatments

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Nike Brand Design commissioned me to design variations of the Nike Fit Club "N".
These type treatments had to be textures based on the Nike Fit Club logo, follow it's color palette and be build with triangles or shapes that could be constructed with triangles.

The resulting pieces had to convey femininity and dynamism.
Converse - LA
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T - Shirt T for TypeEd
Graphic DesignIllustrationTypography
Richard Solomon 3D
IllustrationTypographyGraphic Design
Rafel & Silvia Wedding Invitation
Graphic DesignIllustrationTypography
2016 Kia Optima Walken Closet - Pizzazz
How I Got Over - Film Poster
Thortful Postcards - Series #01
Graphic DesignIllustrationTypography
AIGA LA - March
Cry of the Whales - Documentary Title
Digital ArtIllustrationTypography
BigStar NY - Create Great
IllustrationStreet ArtTypography
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