How I Got Over - Film Poster

I worked with Mindbomb Films to create the illustration for the poster for the new documentary by Nicole Boxer. The film, titled "How I Got Over”, tells the story of a group of women that left homelessness behind, and how they got together to present their lives in a play at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC. 

The element of light is the base of the concept behind the poster. These group of women worked their way out of a dark situation. At the same time the play at the Kennedy Center is a main element in the movie. Shevanda, the main character, is looking up to the future, and the texture on her face represents both the theatre’s spotlight and the light she is now facing in her life.

Client: Nicole Boxer and Fuchsia Films
Agency: Mindbomb Films Inc
Creative Direction: Chris Kirk, Syd Garon
Illustration: Ana Gomez Bernaus
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